Notice: Climate Action Blue Mountains is no longer an incorporated association, as of 1 April 2016. The committee took the difficult decision in 2015 to disband the formal organisation and pursue local climate action initiatives through other existing bodies, in particular the Blue Mountains Conservation Society. We encourage all existing supporters and interested individuals to join with the Consveration Society, Transition Blue Mountains and other local groups to pursue local action for a safe climate. We plan to maintain our Facebook page as a means of sharing information and promoting local climate action initiatives.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Climate Action BM (aka Katoomba Climate Action Now) over the years and helped make our campaigns, initiatives and events a success.

Thank you for your understanding.

Walk Against Warming 2009

Walk Against Warming started in 2005 and aims to send a strong message to political leaders about the need for urgent action on climate change. Katoomba Area Climate Action Now participates in the annual march carrying our group banner and supporting the call for climate change to be addressed urgently at all levels of government.

Here’s a video of the 2009 Walk Against Warming featuring Wentworth Falls Public School, winner of the inaugural Walk Against Warming School Song Competition.

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