Notice: Climate Action Blue Mountains is no longer an incorporated association, as of 1 April 2016. The committee took the difficult decision in 2015 to disband the formal organisation and pursue local climate action initiatives through other existing bodies, in particular the Blue Mountains Conservation Society. We encourage all existing supporters and interested individuals to join with the Consveration Society, Transition Blue Mountains and other local groups to pursue local action for a safe climate. We plan to maintain our Facebook page as a means of sharing information and promoting local climate action initiatives.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Climate Action BM (aka Katoomba Climate Action Now) over the years and helped make our campaigns, initiatives and events a success.

Thank you for your understanding.

100% Renewable Energy

100% renewable energy means clean air & water and taking advantage of our sun, wind and waves.

In a country like Australia, where the sun beats down every day, the wind always blows, hot rocks under the ground create heat, and where waves on our long coast lines keep rolling in, renewable energy just makes sense.

Katoomba Area Climate Action Now launch the 100% campaign locally.

Renewable energy means clean, safe power that will never run out. It means new investment, new industry and lots of new jobs. It means a safer climate for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. And with our natural advantage in sun, wind and wave it means Australia could be a clean energy leader. 100% renewable energy means finally tackling Australia’s biggest source of carbon pollution – coal power.

Right now Australia faces a choice: we can continue our dependence on fossil fuels, keep mining and burning coal, keep polluting our air and water. We can keep damaging our farmland and heath, be left behind the rest of the world on investment and face an uncertain future with an unstable climate. Or we can make the switch to 100% clean renewable energy, creating a safer, healthier happier future for all.

Katoomba Area Climate Action Now supports the national grassroots campaign for 100% Renewable Energy and is working with over 70 other community climate action groups around the country toward this inspiring, positive vision. We launched our local effort in late 2010 (launch picture top-right) and have been working hard since then to get the word out to Blue Mountains people.

KACAN surveying Springwood residents, May 2011

We have just completed three months of conversations with local people at festivals, markets, knocking on people’s doors and approaching people in the street to talk about renewable energy and hear what Blue Mountains residents think from Springwood to Blackheath. We compiled the results of all our conversations into a report and presented the findings to our local representatives, Louise Markus, Federal Member for Macquarie and Roza Sage, State Member for the Blue Mountains. The report details what over 300 locals think about the idea of government policy to support renewable energy, developing a plan to move to 100% renewables and putting a price on carbon.

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