Notice: Climate Action Blue Mountains is no longer an incorporated association, as of 1 April 2016. The committee took the difficult decision in 2015 to disband the formal organisation and pursue local climate action initiatives through other existing bodies, in particular the Blue Mountains Conservation Society. We encourage all existing supporters and interested individuals to join with the Consveration Society, Transition Blue Mountains and other local groups to pursue local action for a safe climate. We plan to maintain our Facebook page as a means of sharing information and promoting local climate action initiatives.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Climate Action BM (aka Katoomba Climate Action Now) over the years and helped make our campaigns, initiatives and events a success.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Divestment Day Blue Mtns: Feb 2015

At 12pm, Friday 13 February, Blue Mountains residents will gather at the Katoomba Hall (old Library) Forecourt as part of Global Divestment Day to send a message to the banks that we don’t want our money invested in fossil fuels.

Register to come along below, join the event on facebook and spread the word.

Register to be part of Global Divestment Day Blue Mtns: 13 Feb 2015

Divestment Day Promo

We are at a critical moment in our response to climate change, but while the fossil fuel industry holds the balance of power, politicians won’t take the steps necessary to really address the climate crisis.

That’s why Climate Action Blue Mountains is inviting you to directly challenge the power of these rogue corporations by joining Global Divestment Day Blue Mountains at 12pm midday, Friday 13 February in Katoomba.

The global fossil fuel divestment movement is gaining momentum, with tens of cities, universities, religious institutions and thousands of individuals moving their money out of banks, superannuation funds and investments that support fossil fuel companies and their corrupting influence.

This is a great opportunity to be part of something historic which is having a real impact on climate policy.

Moving your money out of fossil fuels is simple:

  1. Open an account with a bank which doesn’t invest in fossil fuels (list here)
  2. Move your transactions across to your new account/s
  3. Come along to Global Divestment Day Blue Mtns, close your old account and tell your bank and other people why you did it.

Check out this page at Market Forces for more information and resources on switching banks or get in touch and Climate Action Blue Mountains can help you out.

Whether you’ve already moved your money to a bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels or you are just starting out on the journey, we’d love to see you at Global Divestment Day Blue Mountains on Friday 13 February in Katoomba. On the day, we’ll be taking photos and inviting the local press, so we want to have as many people there as possible.

What is fossil fuel divestment all about?

Divestment is about solving climate change by moving your money – going fossil free with your funds.

Individuals and institutions all over the world are getting rid of investments in fossil fuels. The Australian National University received a lot of attention and praise recently when it became the first Australian university to publicly divest from a number of fossil fuel companies including coal seam gas giant Santos.

Individuals are moving their money out of banks which invest in fossil fuels. In October, the National Day of Divestment attracted many people across the country. If you have an account with a bank which invests in fossil fuels (yep, that includes the big four in Australia: ANZ, Commonwealth, National and Westpac), closing that account is a way that you can contribute to the transition to renewable energy. It is straightforward to do and has the potential to make fossil fuel projects (such as the coal terminal they want to build in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Abbot Point) unviable.

Check out the great infographic and find out more at and see the Global Divestment Day pages here.

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