Notice: Climate Action Blue Mountains is no longer an incorporated association, as of 1 April 2016. The committee took the difficult decision in 2015 to disband the formal organisation and pursue local climate action initiatives through other existing bodies, in particular the Blue Mountains Conservation Society. We encourage all existing supporters and interested individuals to join with the Consveration Society, Transition Blue Mountains and other local groups to pursue local action for a safe climate. We plan to maintain our Facebook page as a means of sharing information and promoting local climate action initiatives.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Climate Action BM (aka Katoomba Climate Action Now) over the years and helped make our campaigns, initiatives and events a success.

Thank you for your understanding.

What You Can Do

“The big dividing line is not and has never been between those who advocate more or less militant forms of resistance, or between mainstream and grassroots activists. The dividing line is between those who do something and those who do nothing.

Do something. That’s what I want you to do.”

Derrick Jensen, award-winning U.S. author and environmental activist.

Walk Against Warming, Sydney, 2009

You can’t solve the climate crisis on your own – addressing this enormous challenge requires co-ordinated action at all levels of Government and across national and global economies – but by taking the actions suggested here you will be making a valuable individual contribution to solving the climate crisis.

Firstly, and most importantly, we need to rethink our relationship with the planet that sustains us and our relationship with our fellow human beings. Only when we have done this will our collective actions make a real difference.

Join Us

Download a membership form here. Official membership is just $5 per year.

Or, join our email list to hear about climate issues and events: email info at

Katoomba Area CAN at a National Climate Rally, Sydney 2009We’re active both in the local area – running events and street stalls – and on the streets at rallies and events in Sydney. We also advocate for better climate change policy in the community, with government and our local politicians. If you see us, come and say hello!

Committee meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the home of one of our members. All members are welcome to attend. Get in touch to find out when and where we next meet: info at

Formal general meetings are held infrequently to plan future activities and elect a new committee. These meetings will usually be advertised in local media and to our email list.

Green Your Lifestlye

Did you know?

United Nations Logo Australians are among the top greenhouse gas emitters in the world per capita.

GFN Logo We also have one of the largest eco-footprints.

WWF logo WWF’s Living Planet Report 2008 ranked Australia at 5 out of 150 countries, with an ecological footprint in 2005 of approximately 7.8 global hectares per person, compared to the global average of 2.7 gha per person.

ACF Logo According to a Consumption Atlas developed by the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Blue Mountains local government area has a higher eco-footprint, more greenhouse pollution and higher water use per person than neighbouring local government areas.

Our choices about food, clothing, construction/renovations, electricity and transport all make a substantial contribution to our relatively high environmental impact.

There is much we can do in our own homes, communities and workplaces to reduce our carbon emissions and implement more sustainable lifestyles. Retrofitting your home even makes economic sense, as demonstrated in this article by a homeowner.

There are many groups in the Blue Mountains working with residents to help them green their lifestyles as well as many internet resources to assist in reducing your carbon footprint.

A good place for local residents to start browsing is Blue Mountains City Council’s Sustainable Blue Mountains website, then visit the other sites under Green Your Lifestyle on our links page.

Polar Bears at Walk Against Warming 2007Talk to Others

Greening your lifestyle will have a much broader impact if you tell your family, friends and colleagues what you are doing and why.

Measures to improve the sustainability of your house and garden need not be difficult or expensive. People learn best by example – by showing others what you’ve achieved you can encourage them to start their own journey towards sustainability.

You can also multiply your impact by encouraging others to join you in community and political actions.

Get Involved in Lobbying & Actions

While individual actions are important, it is Government policy, together with Government and private investment, which will drive rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Politicians and industry leaders need to know that you care about climate change and want them to take real action.

Walk Against Warming 2008, SydneyKACAN has participated in numerous actions to raise awareness about climate change issues and ensure that decision makers are held to account for action on climate change and sustainability. See our past events for more information.

We also make submissions on proposed Government policies, write to politicians about climate policy matters and arrange meetings with Blue Mountains City Council staff and State and Federal Government representatives to discuss current climate change and sustainability issues.

See our news page for information about current opportunities for public input on climate change policies, proposed developments, etc.

See our links page for information about other groups involved in national or international climate action campaigns.

Tell Us Your Ideas

Even if you can’t make it to our meetings or events, you can still make a contribution. Tell us your ideas for local climate projects and campaigns or let us know about useful contact people or resources. Contact us here.

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